Favorable Review For Toxic Soup With all of the environmental issues in the world today, this is quite the intriguing read! Casey’s persistence is understandable and admirable, yet we see how distressing the need for revenge can take on a person. She wants justice — don’t we all when we (or someone we love) is wronged?

The author’s ability to pull us into the plot was astounding. All of my senses were on alert, absorbing the strong imagery created through each scene. You feel transported to each one. The characters are also written to the degree that we can relate to each one and I often found myself placing people I know in my personal life into the shoes of the cast if we were in this situation.

Casey’s support system attempts to keep her grounded, yet the depths that she is willing to go come as quite a surprise at times. It made me question my own morals and values as to what I would do in her shoes. Knowing that government officials are playing blind and passing the buck on the problem is relatable in numerous ways. Just when you think you wouldn’t resort to the levels Casey does, events occur that make you say, YEP! I get it! And soon, you’re cheering her on.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to get my hands on this book….I couldn’t finish it fast enough, yet I also forced myself to slow down and absorb every word. There were a few parts that I had to go back and re-read to fully understand or to clarify, but it helped immerse me in even further.

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