Welcome to my website, a place for my readers to engage with my writing and with me; catching some story behind the story.

I write not from a formulated, genre way but from a desire to tell a story that explores issues and human portraits that mean something to me and that I feel will resonate with you. Yes, I write what I know from experience but as well about what I am inspired by or stumble upon, working it out in the moment. Ah-ha moments are marvelous!

My suspense/thriller novel, TOXIC SOUP- The Poisoning Must End, will soon be published by The Wild Rose Press. The release date is April 11, 2022 but it is currently available pre-sale on Amazon. The novel is set in the Colombia River Gorge, which is where the majestic Columbia River flows through the Cascade Mountain range about an hour east of Portland, Oregon, and the story revolves around a young woman’s passionate quest for justice that catapults from her brother being killed by nuclear waste while working at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation – the site just upriver from the windsurfing community of Hood River Oregon. Blurbs and excerpts soon to be coming.

Two other manuscripts of mine are currently in the editing/ revising stages. I hope to continue to offer engaging, thought provoking, and emotionally stirring works for your reading enjoyment, all with dynamic settings and human understanding. More about who I am can be found in the bio section and interaction with all of you through my rrrowley.com blog, Twitter and Facebook. Kisses.