Reflecting upon my life, if anything has been a constant it’s change. As a boy, I mixed between gazing dreamily out of windows to being a gung-ho jock. I played competitive basketball in Boys Clubs and YMCA’s outside of NYC from 9years old. Later, as an early teen, I began to run with a rough crowd, finding trouble and getting myself switched to the prep school team. A wrecked knee brought a ‘what’s it all about’ moment and I discovered Alan Watts and Timothy Leary. Making an immense change, I became totally immersed in the counter-cultural happenings of the 60’s and 70’s which led to west coast back to the land communes and being part of the founding of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. Out of the LSD era I continued to seek answers to the great mystery of life. (And still do) Engaging with the greater world I worked a host of jobs and creative ventures too long to list, fell in love more than once, raised children, resided in a splash of locations both within the states and abroad, built a farm in the Caribbean, engaged in start-ups, and have built many gardens.(And that’s the short story) I have followed my heart, feeling like I have lived lifetimes within a lifetime.

Though starting late as a writer, writing was something I always wanted to do. Initially, I believed that I needed experiences to draw from. Along the way, life, family and business pursuits held my focus while writing simmered on the back burner. Today, I am dedicated to my writing art and work most every day. My home is split between a retreat cabin on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains and the village of White Salmon, WA where the White Salmon River meets the mountainous gorge of the Columbia River. The area is abundant in community and fabulous natural beauty for which I am truly grateful. My personal interests are: reading, gardening, tai-chi, wave dancing, drum circles, wild plant and mushroom foraging and of course, writing. I am the father of four with two granddaughters and share a life with my beautiful wife, Marta. Along my winding road my heart has been touched by and shared with many persons. Sometimes it has been painfully broken and sometimes, to my regret, it has broken others.