Reflecting upon my life if anything has been constant, it’s change. From being totally immersed in the counter-cultural happenings of the 60s and 70s, where I sought to find answers to the great mystery of life from both within myself and in the world, to living off of the land in rural communal settings, to living a Caribbean dream lifestyle, to raising children, to holding a variety of urban jobs, to creating/managing startups and living in a splash of locations across the USA and abroad, I have followed my hearts desire; having lived lifetimes within a lifetime.

Today, my home is split between a retreat cabin on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains and the village of White Salmon, WA which overlooks the Columbia River. The area is abundant in community and fabulous natural beauty for which I am truly grateful. My personal interests are: reading, gardening, tai-chi, wave dancing, drum circles, wild plant and mushroom foraging and of course, writing. I am the father of four children with one granddaughter, so far. Along my winding path my heart has been touched by and shared with many, sometimes being painfully broken and sometimes remorsefully, having broken others.